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Purpose of establishment of Abdul Gaffar Mahavidyala Keeping in view the purpose of establishment and operation of educational training institutes and technical centers for development and employment in backward areas, to fulfill the dream of his father Shri Abdul Gaffar, It was founded by Shri Zulfiqar Ali in 2016

The area of ​​the college is 1.019 hectares, in which there is provision of teaching with all facilities along with beautiful natural environment, library, laboratory, sports area. Classrooms have been built. For the development of all the students, timely guidance will be given by excellent teachers and principal.

abdul gaffar mahavidyalaya
Zulfiqar Ali


Dear Students

Aim of education is primarily to inculcate the quality of inquisitiveness which encourages the children to break the mundane and bring the best out of them and make them ready to face challenges of the world.
Abdul Gaffar Mahavidyalaya not only focuses on the theoretical curriculum, but also help in the development of a student personality, extra-curricular activities and over all perspective. Everything that makes a good institution are - a highly trained faculty, rich library, placement division, teaching methods, liberty to think and express themselves - we have it here. The objective of higher education in rural area is associated with employment as it ensures a positive attitude to see the universe from better angle and to analyze, determine and apply an individuals idea in a constructive development of society.
I wish all the students a grand sucess in their career and prosperity in their future life.


abdul gaffar mahavidyalaya

Subject:  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botony

Duration:  3 Years

abdul gaffar mahavidyalaya

Subject:  Hindi Litr., English Litr., Geaogrphy, Socialogy, Education, Economics, Political Science

Duration:  3 Years